How To Change Your Preamp Battery

Your Mitchell acoustic-electric instrument may utilize an active preamp system, including a 9V battery as the active power source. When the Low Battery or “batt” indicator light comes on, it is time to change the battery. Follow these instructions for how to change your preamp battery.


Replace the battery by loosening your bass-side strings. Reach inside the guitar body (through the soundhole) to the back of the preamp. The 9V battery will be located in a small metal clip. Remove the battery from the clip, remove the lead wires, and replace with a fresh alkaline battery.

How To Change Your Preamp Battery


Replace the battery by flipping open the preamp body using the latch located above the Fishman logo. Be sure to observe the correct polarity during this installation. More information is available at

How To Change Your Fishman Preamp BatteryTo conserve power, unplug the instrument and turn off the tuner when not in use.